My short time living in Miami on South Beach was absolutely fucking crazy amazing! I don’t even know how else to describe it. I’m going to break down my experience in sections:

The Men

Ladies, if you’re a hoe you could totally make a killing in Miami. People talk about it all the time but actually being there witnessing it is a total different experience. There were models EVERYWHERE. Men with money EVERYWHERE. There are the guys who come down just to “flex” but you can easily tell who’s broke in real life. The men are all horny. Everybody wanted to fuck anybody. Even the homeless dudes were getting a ton of action, I was like whoa. Many of the men I’ve met, that actually lived there, were very sweet and generous *wink wink*. If you look good, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything. Sugar Daddies are everywhere. Met my first SD my first week there and had him paying for my hair, nails, clothes, food, and weed a week later. I’ll tell that story very soon.

The Women

Badd Bitches. High Class Hoes. Models. Money! “My chick bad looking like a bag of money.” That quote by Rick Ross describes damn near every chick I saw on the beach. Abs, perfect asses, no waist, pretty faces… everywhere! If you’re struggling to lose weight, bring yourself to Miami and you’ll definitely be motivated to go to the gym every morning. At first I was intimidated by the fact that I’m a big girl, but those men were all over my big ass. There’s a market for everybody. The ladies were gorgeous though, and they were down there looking for their next come up just like me. I met a lot of beautiful foreign girls who were “lost in the sauce”. They were basically controlled by weirdo men that sold them dreams of becoming these big “stars”. It was so bad. The women in Miami all look at each other as competition, none of them had real friends and weren’t to be trusted.

Work+Making Money

Women could make a lot of money in Miami, ESPECIALLY on South Beach. No matter if you’re a stripper, bartender, or regular girl in need of a job. And DJs! Yall could make a killing down there. I was down there building my graphic design and web design clientele. In Miami I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made since being self-employed. Yes, it is expensive to live on South Beach, but the money I had coming in was crazy. I was out everyday meeting new clients. My clientele are businesses, entrepreneurs, and hollywood, music and sports industries. I started getting all types of big clients and the value of my business went up. Jobs were hiring like crazy on the beach. Go get your #Shmoney y’all! 🙂


The transition of a homebody to a party girl… Party buses, limousines, private/secret parties, bars, beach partying, street partying, clubbing. Literally every night was a party, it was ridiculous. The liquor stores stayed open all night, liquor was sold everywhere even in Walgreens. Everybody always had a bottle. Liquor was everywhere…. and drugs! I don’t do drugs but I do smoke weed here and there. It took me days til I could find weed, but everybody had ecstasy, molly, and coke. When I first got to Miami, people told me “don’t drink the kool-aid” and I didn’t understand until I started partying. It took me almost 2 weeks to get used it.

Club Heart was the bomb! It’s an EDM/rave type club and I had the time of my life there. Everybody was high, and the vibe was so fun and amazing. There were clubs like “Story” which sucked, but locals say that’s because it a “tourist spot”. Welp… the locals will tell you the best places to party. There’s always crazy hotel parties going on too. Make friends on the beach and you could get invited to one.


While living on South Beach I stayed in hostels, hotels, and at people’s houses. When I first got there I stayed in a hostel. A hostel is basically like a hotel, that’s a fraternity house, where you have roommates that are travelers from all over the world. You only pay $20+ a night and you can stay 1-night to 3 weeks at a time. It’s such a fun spot to be. They have pools, bars, hot tubs, pool tables, games. It’s fun as shit, but it’s not for everybody. I’ve met entrepreneurs, rich arabs, psychics, models, all types of people there… even my sugar daddies.
It was hard as hell for me to find a nice house or apartment. There were a group of people that were my “crew” and we were going to get a condo together but a bunch of bullshit happened. So I said fuck it and decided to travel the country some more before I committed to staying there.

What I Wish I Did

I wish I would’ve left the old me at home and reinvented myself when I got out there. I was stuck in my modest ways. I could’ve got so far if I fully let myself go and went hard. I found guys to take care of me but they were more like splenda daddies than sugar daddies haha. I should’ve made clear goals for myself before I got out there. I went there with the thought “get money” and I did with my talents, but if I was on the same vibe as most of the other girls in Miami I could’ve gotten even further. But Miami completely changed my life and I’m grateful for my whole experience.

What I Learned

•I learned that men, no matter what race, simply want pussy. And they will do anything just to get it, so finesse their ass.
•It’s so easy to survive if you are a woman.
•Be clear on what you want before making a big decision.

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