I was seriously over my life and wanted to make a change immediately. I want to travel the world. I vacationed in Miami for my 21st birthday back in February and it was the most fun I ever had. When I thought of Miami, I thought of happiness. Ever since my birthday I had the urge to go back. I wished I could’ve lived there and I couldn’t get rid of the urge so in November 2016 I finally decided to go. I wasn’t only going to stay for a week though, maybe a few months. I wanted to slow travel. Then head to another city to explore.

It was Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 when I finally started packing, and my flight left the next morning. I kept saying to myself “in less than 24 hours I’m going to hop on a plane straight to Miami, FL from Philadelphia, PA.” Any smart person would’ve started preparing themselves to move out at least a week before the moving date, but not I. I was too fearful to even pack my stuff. I keep thinking “AM I REALLY DOING THIS SHIT!? Am I really about to leave everything and everyone I know?” I was terrified because I REALLY don’t have a plan, I don’t know anyone in Miami, and I have no idea what to expect. Fear of the unknown is what they call it. But I just knew I had to be in Miami and I want to change my life so fuck it, I’m going. I want to live the most awesome craziest life ever, which includes: impulsive decisions, working my ass off, traveling and learning about the world, talking to a bunch of strangers, partying with people and most importantly: living all my dreams/accomplishing my goals!


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Leaving was difficult but then again it wasn’t.

I’m not very close to anyone besides my bestfriend Deonna and most of the time I don’t even know who my real friends are, so at first I didn’t care about leaving everyone. But then a few days ago during the weekend I spent time with my Bestfriend’s family and my adopted family and it was so damn hard to say good-bye. In my mind I’m like “What if I NEVER see them again?” and then I became emotional. I cried for two days straight, but I G’d up and got over it because I chose this, this is what I wanted.

My main goals are to…

create an amazing network, grow as visual artist [graphic designer], expand my business, and have a ton of fun. Your network is your net worth and I want to be very wealthy. Unfortunately the network I have now doesn’t have the resources or people I need in order for me to become the person I want to become. That’s a huge thing in my life that need to be changed. I tried changing my network for a little over a year but it’s been difficult to do so from home. I want to surround myself with very successful and like-minded people, especially other artists I could learn from.

My mom and Bestfriend think I’ll be back home soon, within 3 months. But I honestly feel like I’m going to be gone for a LONG time. A very long time. I want to become ‘the person I want to become’ before I go back to Philly. I don’t have a blueprint or game plan to go off of but whatever I want I make it happen so I know I’ll be good. In my head I’m Wonder Woman and I feel unstoppable, unbreakable and invincible. We only have one life to live and I chose to live an exciting one filled with a bunch of amazing and crazy memories.

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