My first 48 hours on my new journey has been amazing. I did indeed travel alone but I’ve been with people throughout my entire time here. I partied hard, met some super models and famous artists, and changed my whole lifestyle.

Let’s start with my flight to Miami.

Around 3pm on Tuesday, Dec 14th I boarded the plane and 5 minutes later a group of people I knew boarded the same exact plane! They were on their way to do a cruise to Mexico but were staying in Miami for the night. I thought we’d just be on the plane together then we’d go our separate ways but they had another friend picking them up and offered me a ride. I was happy as hell I didn’t have to spend $20 on an Uber. The ride around Miami to our hotels was so fun and exciting. We were welcomed with alcohol and had a great time. While on our way to South Beach we abruptly stopped on the highway, pulled over and took pictures by the “Welcome to Miami” sign. It was so fun! As soon as I got back to my room I passed out. That was a great way to start my time here. And it only gets better….


I ended up waking up super early: 4:30AM

I got some work done, took a shower, then went outside to the garden. As soon as I got to the garden I saw a photographer I met the last time I visited. He then introduces me to the same guy I was flirting with the night before, which was another amazing photographer. They call up another person I met while out here and we all sat down, formed a team, and started planning.

My NEW Miami team is absolutely amazing. I came out here not knowing what to expect and just being around my new circle opened up so many opportunities. The main goal is to make money. I like that the people I’ve met here aren’t all talk. Everything everyone has told me has actually happen, whereas back home in Philly all people do is sell dreams.

I didn’t have any exclusive access to anything but being around the right people got me into some pretty cool places. I’ve been able to work out of a beautiful hotel, network with some wealthy people, and hang around beautiful models. . . .All within my first day of being in Miami!

The second day was pretty cool too.

Still hanging around everything beautiful and awesome. This time around I had my first meeting with a new client my team put me on to. The meeting was great. It was on a higher level than what I’m used to. I’m really working my way up the ladder and that’s exactly what I wanted while being in this luxurious city!

All in all my first 48 hours in Miami was amazing!

My eyes opened to a whole new world; a world that I never would’ve thought I’d be in unless I was actually wealthy. The goals IS to become wealthy though, I’m just happy I’m being exposed to it so soon. I was warned about this new lifestyle I’m officially a part of but I’m ready for it. This is a lifestyle I always wanted and all it took was for me to book a one-way flight to Miami and take a chance.

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